Hanf Farm – Natural. Sustainable. Good.

Hanf Farm – commitment

HANF FARM is leader in organic hemp cultivation and processing in Central Europe.

As a large-scale cultivator and global supplier, HANF FARM is prepared to meet the demands of our rapidly growing industry delivering quality products and services to leading companies worldwide.

Applying innovation and technology throughout supply chain, we are determined to exceed the expectations of our customers and equally determined to advance our industry responsibly and sustainably.

Hanf Farm – competences

Pure Organic Farming

Technology & Innovation

Raw materials & Products

Genetics & Breeding

Sowing Seed Multiplication

International Business

Consulting & Networking

Pure organic cultivation

Vision becomes reality:

  • On-site production areas / facilities
  • Vertical integration from seed to shelf
  • Cultivation on up to 1.000 hectares
  • 10.000 sqm production facilities
  • 30.000 sqm area for breeding and greenhouses
  • Highest standards:
    EU Organic, HACCP, ISO 9001, GMP+

Technology & Innovation

  • Development and construction of a hemp harvester in 2015: MultiCombine HC 3400
  • Optimization of cultivation and harvesting strategy, drying & cleaning technology
  • Maximum production of seed, CBD & other cannabinoids
  • Research partner of institute ICANNA (HANF FARM holds 15% shares)


  • Hemp sowing seed
  • Hemp raw materials in bulk:
    • Organic hemp seeds
    • Organic hemp leafs and flowers
    • Organic hemp protein and oil
    • Organic Hatcha®
  • Hemp biomass
  • CBD extracts
  • Consumer products